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Hey there! My name is Leanna. I am a Christian, college student, and piano student and teacher. I also have Type 1 diabetes. I have a wonderful family and my friends mean alot to me! Please check out my blog and I'd love to hear from you!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Insulin Pump Cozzy

   Hey everyone! This post is to show you the pump cozzy/case my sister crochet for me. I told her I want her to design me a case since I haven't really found one I really like. Some people who have been affected by diabetes have designed some really cool ones BUT I'm a college student who works part time and sadly many of the cool cases out there are out of my price range. I had in mind that she could sew me one but that's not what the first one turned out to be :) She sat down and was messing around with knitting and crocheting and came up with what we're calling a pump cozzy. Someone asked for the pattern and sadly there is none, however she is interested in selling them if people are interested! She would be selling them through Ebay but please let me know if your interested so she'll know if its worth making some and getting them posted! :) They will be very inexpensive.
   I really like mine so far and hope someone else is interested :)


  1. Don't have a pump yet, but when I get one, I would love one of these! any way it could have an open front so you could see the screen and buttons? just an idea....

  2. I have Boston Bruins colours for my Pump Cozy!