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Hey there! My name is Leanna. I am a Christian, college student, and piano student and teacher. I also have Type 1 diabetes. I have a wonderful family and my friends mean alot to me! Please check out my blog and I'd love to hear from you!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Semester is DONE!

   Well let me start by saying I'm sorry its been soo long! School and work has kept me VERY busy so the only contact I'm had time for is Twitter which also brings me to saying THANK YOU for all your support! I am absolutly loving getting to meet you all and getting to know you!
   As of today the fall semester is OVER! This marks the end of my first semester of college. It has been good overall. I was able to finish Communications with a high A and General Psychology with a high B. The only thing I'm still waiting on is what I struggle with. Math. I had my final this morning. It is a pass or fail class so rather then just getting a worse average you have to finish with an 80% or its a fail. I went into my final which is worth 120 points needing 71.5 points to make it to the requirement and right now its an understandment to say I'm nervous. I feel like I did good on a bunch of stuff but also know I didnt on some so now I'm just very afraid I didnt get enough. I'll know no later then thursday or it could still be tonight.
   On a lighter note last night was the music school were I teach and am taught's recital. It was very nice and I am pleased with how I did.
   After my test today I went and finished my Christmas shopping! The stores and roads resembled a zoo! I guess thats what I get for waiting but I didn't have too much choice. I think I'm all done now unless I still pick something up in town. Anyone a fan of Bath & Body Works? I don't go alot but could really get into it. I went today and picked up a few candles. One for my mom and one for my piano teacher/friend. My mom absolutely loves their candles (better then Yankee) and their nice sized 3 wick ones are on sale for 2 for $20. I dont think you can beat that too many places.
   My family and I will be taking a trip to wisconsin just after Christmas and coming back just after new year. I have cousins and and aunt, uncle and grandparents out there. It's usually a nice trip but in the winter I'm NOT a fan of going because its SOOO cold! My Grandma said on the phone the other day that soon we'll be there to help them enjoy the cold weather but thats not really how I feel about it!
   Well I dont really want to ramble and bore you all but just wanted to update. Tommorrow morning I can sleep in! No more homework and no work tommorrow. I hope to clean up my room, clean my car and other stuff like that but am thrilled to have a day there is nothing I have to do and can relax.

Well I'll sign off now. Goodnight to all!
(((HUGS))) Leanna

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So much to be Thankful for!!

   Hello again! I will be away for the day tommorrow so wanted to have a post for Thanksgiving a day early. Personally I think its sad how our society rushes over Thanksgiving and just gets ready for Christmas. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas. It is actually my favorite holiday and there is much to celebrate about Christmas but in the rush and excitment of getting ready for it many people do not fully enjoy Thanksgiving. With all the things we have been blessed with what better then to have a holiday that is set aside only to think about all our blessings? In the words of my sister "We need to stop rushing over the holiday that is based on when our country began." Also Thanksgiving is becoming more about Black Friday then Thanksgiving itself.
   So I want to start celebrating Thanksgiving by listing many of the things I am thankful for. I don't plan to post them all because quite frankly I have too many!
    1.) God. We have a great and loving God to serve!
    2.) Family. I have an amazing family. I have fours sisters and one brother who are the best siblings anyone would ask for. I also have a sister in law who is like a fifth sister and two brother in laws. My parents are also very special and I couldn't be more thankful for having been raised in a loving home. In addition to them I have one 11 month old niece and two nephews ages 4 and 7. They are some of the best kids in the world!!
    3.) Friends. I have some pretty awesome friends! Also I count those of you in which I am getting to know on here as my friends and am very thankful for you.
    4.) Music. I think life without music would be very dull. I love listening to music and playing it. I am thankful that I have the ability to play.
    5.) Health and Medical accessories. We have sooo many things avalible to us that give us the chance to live a healthy life and that make it much easier to do so then the people with health problems not that long ago.
    6.) Work. I am thankful that I have the ability to work and that I have work.
    7.) A working brain! At times I don't feel that thankful for school when it gets overwhelming but I am thankful that I am able to do school.
    8.) My students. The kids I teach piano are very special to me. The time I spend teaching them is the highlight of my week and I am very thankful for them.
    9.) My home. I am very thankful to not only have family but a warm home. This is something we many times take for granted but the holidays always make me think about it more how many people do not have this comfort.
    10.) The Internet! I believe many people with diabetes and other conditions are more thankful for the ability to connect online then other people are. I consider myself one of these people as my only diabetic friends are pretty much the only diabetic friends I have.

   Well I'm gonna stop at 10! I feel like I could go on and on! Please note that some of the things are not in order I just wrote them as I thought of them :)
    So I'm gonna end this post with asking what are you all thankful for this Thanksgiving? I'd love to hear! Happy Thanksgiving and eat lots of yummy food! And to all you fellow diabetics good luck controlling your blood sugar!!!

(((HUGS))) Leanna

Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Madness!

   Hello to all!! First of all I want to say thanks to all those who have welcomed me to blogging and expressed interest in reading my posts. Special thanks to Kerri of Six Until Me for helping put my name out there. I am a big fan of Kerri's blog so I am thrilled! Thanks Kerri!!
   My monday has been very busy! It started at 7:00am with breakfast before going out to walk some dogs I was boarding (a side thing I do due to living on a farm). After that I got ready for math class which I leave home for around 9:35. This morning I allowed more time then usual between doing my stuff at home and going to class because its not unusual if I have a low bg after walking and this morning in class I had a math test so I needed to be able to test awhile after my walk but before going to class. I have enough trouble with math that a low during an important test is the last thing I need!!
   I made to to class in plenty of time and I think my test went good :) After class I went to the school library to study awhile before going to get some lunch and heading to the music school to teach one of my piano students. Luckily all my college and the music school are very close together in town and both are 10-15 mins from my house. Unforunetly there had be a missunderstanding between the students mother and I and they never came. She thought she had told me they would be away while I thought she was going to have called me if they could for sure not make it. O well I guess it comes with the job ;)
   So then I got home around 1:45 and took my friends dog that I have right now for a walk before going to the shed to take the other to I was boarding out. While I had them out their owner came to get them. Then I went to town again to meet the lady my sister babysits for to pick up her check. My sister is recovering from shoulder surgery so she can't drive. A quick stop at the store and I got to come home for the rest of the day!
   Now I'm working at my Psychology. That homework and piano practice should keep me busy for the rest of the evening :) Piano is a big part of my life. I love both playing and teaching it. Please check out my youtube and let me know what you think! I haven't updated it for awhile but will be soon. I want to get a few more posted one of which is Canon in D, which I will be playing for several upcoming preformances that the music school will be doing. Here is the link to my youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/pianogirl416?feature=mhee
   How has everyone else's day been? I hope everyones doing great!!

  (((HUGS)))  Leanna

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just checking in

   Hi all! Bought to head to bed just having a small snack to keep my blood sugars up first. Thats a good thing though cause it means I'm not running as high anymore :) I'm at 114 right now and I believe it was dropping so I dont feel ok about going to bed with it like that.
   Been studying alot due to having a math test on monday :( My math class is a pass or fail class and I have to get an 80% to pass. I was struggling enough that I need to do really well over the next few weeks as the semester wraps up to keep it up there. Prayers are welcome!  I did manage to sign up for my next semester classes and I think it should be a good semester. Right now I'm taking Communications, General Psychology, and Math 900. Next semester I'm taking Personal Health and Fitness, Educational Psychology, and Math 1000.
   Well its 12:01 and I really need to sleep! Tommorrow is church in the morning then studying and more studying!!

Goodnight! Leanna

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Very sleepy!

Hello to all. I'm about to get to bed now after a long day. I've been getting up at 5:05 the last three mornings because of helping my sister who had surgery with going to take the kids she babysits to school. Then after they are at school all my normal stuff happens around 9:30. When the normal stuff is working and college, trust me it can be very exhausting!! I love the fact that being in school makes me feel productive but it can be tiring. Even when you have a schedule worked out all the brain work makes me tired.
  But believe me even if my life is crazy I have a great one. I would list all my blessings but I would have to go on all night so I'm not gonna. I wouldnt change much of anything really.
   On the 29th I am having my high school graduation! I went through our local adult ed classes and took the GED tests to earn my high school dipolma as my high school due to having been homeschooled through grade school. The program has a graduation once a year. I took my test in may and got my dipolma in july so it seems like its been awhile but I decided to do it anyway. I think it should be fun.
  Well like I said I'm very sleepy so I'm off to bed. I get to sleep a little later tommorrow!!!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Update on my life.

    Hello to all! Let me start by saying that I am not doing this blog because I beleive I have an exciting life or anything but just in the hope of meeting some more online friends. I have a very busy life and while I have an awesome family and some great friends, I really enjoy interacting with people online. As a type 1 diabetic I love being able to talk to other diabetics. I also love talking to others with similar interests such as piano, gymnastics, and college. Those are the main things I will be sharing on here and hope someone enjoys reading about them.
   This weekend my out of state sister and her husband and my niece are visiting I am throughly enjoying my niece. She is 10 months old and very dear. At birth due to an infection we nearly lost her and now we can not imagine life without her. Tommorrow we're gonna go do some shopping which I can never get enough of :)
   As far as school everything is going good. I had a speech to give in class on friday and considering it was my first speech I feel like it went very well. Math is going pretty good even though I am frustrated with my proffesor. I am still waiting on a grade for my math exam which I did a week ago tommorrow. She was supposed to have them graded wednesday when we were in class but didnt cause she was too busy and she still hasn't now! And we wont have class tommorrow cause she has somewhere else to be. I think I did good but the longer I have to wait the more nervous I am getting about it. Anyone think its bad of me to email her tommorrow and say that I really think its time we get our grade?
  Diabetes wise I feel that I could be doing better lately. Feeling a little down about it but I know I can only do better tommorrow. Diabetes has its way of getting you down when its not going well but I will never let it get the better of me. Diabetes give me a GREAT reason to play the glad game. The glad things about the last bit of blood sugar control is that while they have been running high I've had a few really good ones and even a feel lows.
  Well think I'll sign off and gotta go to practice piano :) Also have math homework and phsychology that I have to get done by tuesday but think it will wait till tommorrow.

Goodnight to all!!!   Leanna

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hello all! I'm am new to blogging but love to communicate with people who have simiular intrests. For anyone who is a college student, pianist, diabetic, gymnastics fan or Christian please follow me and I will look forward to communicating with you!!!