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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So much to be Thankful for!!

   Hello again! I will be away for the day tommorrow so wanted to have a post for Thanksgiving a day early. Personally I think its sad how our society rushes over Thanksgiving and just gets ready for Christmas. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas. It is actually my favorite holiday and there is much to celebrate about Christmas but in the rush and excitment of getting ready for it many people do not fully enjoy Thanksgiving. With all the things we have been blessed with what better then to have a holiday that is set aside only to think about all our blessings? In the words of my sister "We need to stop rushing over the holiday that is based on when our country began." Also Thanksgiving is becoming more about Black Friday then Thanksgiving itself.
   So I want to start celebrating Thanksgiving by listing many of the things I am thankful for. I don't plan to post them all because quite frankly I have too many!
    1.) God. We have a great and loving God to serve!
    2.) Family. I have an amazing family. I have fours sisters and one brother who are the best siblings anyone would ask for. I also have a sister in law who is like a fifth sister and two brother in laws. My parents are also very special and I couldn't be more thankful for having been raised in a loving home. In addition to them I have one 11 month old niece and two nephews ages 4 and 7. They are some of the best kids in the world!!
    3.) Friends. I have some pretty awesome friends! Also I count those of you in which I am getting to know on here as my friends and am very thankful for you.
    4.) Music. I think life without music would be very dull. I love listening to music and playing it. I am thankful that I have the ability to play.
    5.) Health and Medical accessories. We have sooo many things avalible to us that give us the chance to live a healthy life and that make it much easier to do so then the people with health problems not that long ago.
    6.) Work. I am thankful that I have the ability to work and that I have work.
    7.) A working brain! At times I don't feel that thankful for school when it gets overwhelming but I am thankful that I am able to do school.
    8.) My students. The kids I teach piano are very special to me. The time I spend teaching them is the highlight of my week and I am very thankful for them.
    9.) My home. I am very thankful to not only have family but a warm home. This is something we many times take for granted but the holidays always make me think about it more how many people do not have this comfort.
    10.) The Internet! I believe many people with diabetes and other conditions are more thankful for the ability to connect online then other people are. I consider myself one of these people as my only diabetic friends are pretty much the only diabetic friends I have.

   Well I'm gonna stop at 10! I feel like I could go on and on! Please note that some of the things are not in order I just wrote them as I thought of them :)
    So I'm gonna end this post with asking what are you all thankful for this Thanksgiving? I'd love to hear! Happy Thanksgiving and eat lots of yummy food! And to all you fellow diabetics good luck controlling your blood sugar!!!

(((HUGS))) Leanna

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