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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Very sleepy!

Hello to all. I'm about to get to bed now after a long day. I've been getting up at 5:05 the last three mornings because of helping my sister who had surgery with going to take the kids she babysits to school. Then after they are at school all my normal stuff happens around 9:30. When the normal stuff is working and college, trust me it can be very exhausting!! I love the fact that being in school makes me feel productive but it can be tiring. Even when you have a schedule worked out all the brain work makes me tired.
  But believe me even if my life is crazy I have a great one. I would list all my blessings but I would have to go on all night so I'm not gonna. I wouldnt change much of anything really.
   On the 29th I am having my high school graduation! I went through our local adult ed classes and took the GED tests to earn my high school dipolma as my high school due to having been homeschooled through grade school. The program has a graduation once a year. I took my test in may and got my dipolma in july so it seems like its been awhile but I decided to do it anyway. I think it should be fun.
  Well like I said I'm very sleepy so I'm off to bed. I get to sleep a little later tommorrow!!!


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