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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Update on my life.

    Hello to all! Let me start by saying that I am not doing this blog because I beleive I have an exciting life or anything but just in the hope of meeting some more online friends. I have a very busy life and while I have an awesome family and some great friends, I really enjoy interacting with people online. As a type 1 diabetic I love being able to talk to other diabetics. I also love talking to others with similar interests such as piano, gymnastics, and college. Those are the main things I will be sharing on here and hope someone enjoys reading about them.
   This weekend my out of state sister and her husband and my niece are visiting I am throughly enjoying my niece. She is 10 months old and very dear. At birth due to an infection we nearly lost her and now we can not imagine life without her. Tommorrow we're gonna go do some shopping which I can never get enough of :)
   As far as school everything is going good. I had a speech to give in class on friday and considering it was my first speech I feel like it went very well. Math is going pretty good even though I am frustrated with my proffesor. I am still waiting on a grade for my math exam which I did a week ago tommorrow. She was supposed to have them graded wednesday when we were in class but didnt cause she was too busy and she still hasn't now! And we wont have class tommorrow cause she has somewhere else to be. I think I did good but the longer I have to wait the more nervous I am getting about it. Anyone think its bad of me to email her tommorrow and say that I really think its time we get our grade?
  Diabetes wise I feel that I could be doing better lately. Feeling a little down about it but I know I can only do better tommorrow. Diabetes has its way of getting you down when its not going well but I will never let it get the better of me. Diabetes give me a GREAT reason to play the glad game. The glad things about the last bit of blood sugar control is that while they have been running high I've had a few really good ones and even a feel lows.
  Well think I'll sign off and gotta go to practice piano :) Also have math homework and phsychology that I have to get done by tuesday but think it will wait till tommorrow.

Goodnight to all!!!   Leanna

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