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Monday, December 19, 2011

Semester is DONE!

   Well let me start by saying I'm sorry its been soo long! School and work has kept me VERY busy so the only contact I'm had time for is Twitter which also brings me to saying THANK YOU for all your support! I am absolutly loving getting to meet you all and getting to know you!
   As of today the fall semester is OVER! This marks the end of my first semester of college. It has been good overall. I was able to finish Communications with a high A and General Psychology with a high B. The only thing I'm still waiting on is what I struggle with. Math. I had my final this morning. It is a pass or fail class so rather then just getting a worse average you have to finish with an 80% or its a fail. I went into my final which is worth 120 points needing 71.5 points to make it to the requirement and right now its an understandment to say I'm nervous. I feel like I did good on a bunch of stuff but also know I didnt on some so now I'm just very afraid I didnt get enough. I'll know no later then thursday or it could still be tonight.
   On a lighter note last night was the music school were I teach and am taught's recital. It was very nice and I am pleased with how I did.
   After my test today I went and finished my Christmas shopping! The stores and roads resembled a zoo! I guess thats what I get for waiting but I didn't have too much choice. I think I'm all done now unless I still pick something up in town. Anyone a fan of Bath & Body Works? I don't go alot but could really get into it. I went today and picked up a few candles. One for my mom and one for my piano teacher/friend. My mom absolutely loves their candles (better then Yankee) and their nice sized 3 wick ones are on sale for 2 for $20. I dont think you can beat that too many places.
   My family and I will be taking a trip to wisconsin just after Christmas and coming back just after new year. I have cousins and and aunt, uncle and grandparents out there. It's usually a nice trip but in the winter I'm NOT a fan of going because its SOOO cold! My Grandma said on the phone the other day that soon we'll be there to help them enjoy the cold weather but thats not really how I feel about it!
   Well I dont really want to ramble and bore you all but just wanted to update. Tommorrow morning I can sleep in! No more homework and no work tommorrow. I hope to clean up my room, clean my car and other stuff like that but am thrilled to have a day there is nothing I have to do and can relax.

Well I'll sign off now. Goodnight to all!
(((HUGS))) Leanna

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