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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Life on break from school!

   Happy 2012! Wait, did I really just say that?! How is it already 2012? As time passes I become more and more sure that the older you are and the busier you are, the faster time goes. I have no reason to wish time was going slower as a have a very blessed life but it feels weird to be getting this old and its totally scary how fast the kids in my life are growing up.
   I'm totally loving my time off school! The fall semester was over on Dec. 19th and the spring semester starts Jan. 17th. That date is coming up WAY to fast but I'm just loving the time I have off! I plan to have lunch with a few friends over the next week and a half and maybe do a little shopping ;) I went on a trip to Wisconsin to see my Grandparents. My family left home the day after Christmas and came home on Tuesday. I was able to have a great time with my cousins and just had time to chill and shop (did I say shop again?!). Even though I had fun I was ready to come home and enjoy finishing my break at home. Probably the thing I am doing the most since I'm home is reading. I love good fiction romance books with one of my favorite writers being Karen Kingsbury. Karen is a very inspiring writer. Currently one the the sets I'm reading is the Bailey Flanigan series and I am LOVING them! I finished the 3rd one now I have to wait till the end of march to get the last one!
   Enough of the rambling about my break. As far as going back to school next week, I honestly have mixed feelings. If it wasn't that I struggle with math I would really enjoy it. I like the feeling of working hard and having it pay off. I will be doing two online classes as well as math in class which has me in class twice a week. On top of that I work two part time jobs, am a piano student and have type 1 diabetes as a constant companion.
   On the topic of diabetes, I could be doing much better then I am recently. I had been doing well then on the holidays and with a road trip/visit to my grandparents my blood sugars got rather nasty. I had the think of that in tonights dsma session when one of the questions was do you have worse eating habits in the winter time? My answer? The worst time is over the holidays but my eating habits arent as good most of the time as they should be. They have been better since I'm home but still not where I want them or where they need to be. I am trying hard to get back into the groove of working out and hoping that that will help. I think part of it might be that now I'm fighting a cold which is making my numbers even more stubborn. All that I have been doing for my cold is trying to take vitamins (which I'm not doing as much as I should) and decided instead of taking cold meds to give Simply Saline a try. So far I am very impressed! I was hoping it would be worth it as it is nearly 8 bucks a bottle and it seems to be. I wont lie and tell you that its fun to use cause it really isn't! It give you a temporary feeling that your drowning but it really does help with the congestion in the end. Anyone else struggling with sickness that is affecting your diabetes? I know compared to many of you out there I am pretty new to diabetes which is why I love getting to interact with you guys. Also I don't have any fellow Type 1 friends except for online so it really does mean alot to me to call you guys my friends.
   When it comes to working out my biggest problem is motivation! I am extremely lucky that my brother, who is my neighbor, has a small gym set up in his basement which I am welcome to use anytime. I am in the proccess of getting back into working out and its not very easy! If anyone has a tips I am more then open to them!
   Since it seems I'm covering most areas that are a big part of my life I'll bring in piano too. Piano is very special to me. Sitting to the piano and practicing for awhile is a great way for me to relax and unwind. Sometimes its hard for me to believe that in march it will only be 4 years since I started! It feels like it has been a part of my life much longer then that and then again sometimes it seems like my first lesson was just yesterday! I am lucky to still be with the same teacher I started with and feel like we work together well. She is understanding and not demanding when it comes to sometimes not getting as much practice as I should because of school and there are many times when I get frustrated with myself for not making more progress or struggling with something certain that she'll be encouraging. I am currently working as a student teacher at her music studio and teaching the kids I teach is very rewarding to me :) Any frustration I might feel at times seemed very distant when earlier after a 5 year old I teach had her lesson she came and hugged me and said "I love you" :) It nearly brought tears to my eyes and helped me resolve one thing. Being a teacher really is worth it.
   So now I want to ask how you all are doing? All of my online friends mean ALOT to me and I love hearing from you! Please tweet me, comment and email me!
   As we go on in this new year lets all try to make it the best year we've ever had! I feel so very blessed and don't want to make the mistake of taking it forgranted. I want to draw closer to God personally so I can truely shine for him to all the people I interact with. Also I want to take the time to appreicaite my family and their support.

Well I hope you enjoyed my update and I wasnt too boring!  Love and Hugs, Leanna

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