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Monday, October 8, 2012

God's comfort for me

   Hey all. Just taking a few minutes from my math homework to share something that gave me great encouragement last night. Before going to sleep I picked up a small book I keep on my headboard called Bedside Blessings by Charles Swindoll. It has a small section to read each day of the year and while I frequently read from it, I had not for quite awhile until I did last night. The part for last night was this:

   October 7: Has a friend betrayed you?...Has a disaster dropped on your life that's almost too great to bear? If so,don't fight back. Unjust suffering can be a dizzying experience. To keep your balance in those times when things are swirling around you, it's important to find a fixed reference point and focus on it. Return to the protection and guardianship of the Good Shepherd who endured the cross and laid down His life...for you.
          I am the good shepherd;
       the good shepherd lays down
            His life for the sheep.
             John 10:11

 I thought maybe someone out there who sees this might need it. It brought me to tears and brought such a calm over my soul. After something I went through awhile ago and something my family is going through now and in the next few months, I had no doubt why God led me to picking up that book last night.

  Well back to math and everyone have a GREAT day!! :)

Love and Hugs, Leanna

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