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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Recitals, finals and life.

   Wow is it seriously the 4th of DECEMBER?! Where is November go and where is December going?! For me its going into long hours of studying and stressing! On the bright side, in a week and a half the semester of school is over and I get to have more then a month of a break :)
   In addition to lots of school I also have had a lot of piano stuff going on. Since my teacher switch this summer I am very much enjoying working with my current teacher. She has helped me technically a lot and has helped me make WAY more progress then I expected to have made by now. I think she will be able to really take my playing to the level I want to be at but now the question is this. Can I measure up to the standards she sets? I hope so! My previous teacher did not have her students do any kind of memorization so starting that with my current teacher was a very new experience. I learned 2 pieces in about 7 weeks and had them ready for my first memorization recital in November which went great. Now I am 12 day from my Christmas recital which I am very excited for. This one is not being played from memory. I love Christmas and what better way to kick of the break from school then with a Christmas recital?
   I can't believe the semester is almost over! but mind you its a welcome thought to me :) This semester has been very stressful and I'm excited for it to be over so I can start fresh in the spring semester. 1 more quiz, 3 more exams, and one more chapter and discussion post and the semester is over! I already know that my Sociology grade will be like a 99.67%. My geography class will sadly be a B and I'm really hoping to finish math with an A but intermediate Algebra isn't really my thing!
   Please continue to pray for my sisters baby. Things are still the same the time for his birth and without a miracle his death seems to be coming close. God still works miracles and can for this little angel! It is heartbreaking to think I will have a nephew I will never get to know. He is sooo loved already and will always be. 
   Healthwise I'm doing great. New Endo, much improved a1c and an even better one on the way! I want to write a more in depth post about all that during break and will also have had another appointment by then so am gonna hold off for now.
   Well its 11:30pm and I still need to practice piano a bit and have to get to bed so I'm gonna say goodnight. I wanted to right a little up date and am glad I did :)

Love and Hugs, Leanna

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